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What is Hypnotism & how does it work ?

​Hypnotism is a technique that accesses and works through the processes of the subconscious mind to facilitate habit transformation. In the hypnotist's model, the mind is made up of two parts, the conscious (critical/analytical thought) and the larger subconscious (habitual/emotional/autonomic processes).  Hypnotism is a process that bypasses or reduces the conscious mind processes while bringing the subconscious mind's processes closer to the level of awareness and interaction. The hypnotic trance state is a state of deeply focused relaxation. While in the hypnotic trance state, habits, outdated behaviors and subconscious beliefs can be transformed through suggestion and inner healing processes.  This is done with the use of imagination, emotion, memory, creativity, intuition, and energy work.  Focused relaxation and visualization can also effect the physical functioning of the body in many positive ways. Through a series of hypnosis sessions and initiation of self-hypnosis practice, clients are empowered to create positive and lasting personal transformation. 

Will I be able to be hypnotized?

Most people are able to be hypnotized, though the depth will vary.  All hypnosis is essentially self hypnosis and an experience you give permission to occur.  This permission is supported when there is a sense of trust and rapport.  My goal is for you to feel comfortable and safe, thereby easing any possible hypnotic resistance.

What does it feel like to be hypnotized?

In hypnosis you may feel like you do just before you wake up fully and are remembering a dream. Sometimes while listening to music, watching television or driving we become deeply absorbed in our mind and may lose track of where we are - hypnosis can feel like that.  It is typically a very relaxing experience.

What Hypnosis can help?

  • the desire to change habits such as: unhealthy eating, smoking, negativity, low energy, nail biting & insomnia  
  • reduce stress & anxiousness
  • enhancing health & feelings of well being 
  • relief from chronic pain, physical symptoms, & traumatic memories
  • enhancing performance for test taking, public speaking, sports, & the creative arts 
  • preparation for & recovery from surgery, dental work, & childbirth 
  • reinforcing goals & plans for the future - positive visualization - confidence
  • processing loss & grief
  • desensitizing fears
  • past life regression

To discuss whether hypnosis can help you, contact Susan

How many sessions will it take? 

I recommend a minimum commitment of four sessions to begin with for most issues.  The sessions are scheduled once a week, though for smoking cessation and some other circumstances it can be multiple sessions per week.

However, due to the personal nature of this work, the number of sessions is dependent on your needs. Clients that have positive results may choose to do additional sessions for deeper reinforcement, to continue healing processes or just for maintenance 'tune ups'.

What is Self-Hypnosis?

In the process of letting go of old habits and creating new ones, self-hypnosis is an activity that can help support you between sessions and after sessions are completed.  Self hypnosis can be as simple as remembering to breathe, consciously releasing tension or repeating a positive reminder to yourself.  Self-hypnosis is similar to meditation which I encourage as well to reinforce presence of mind.  All hypnosis clients receive a Meditation and Self-Hypnosis audio files to use on their own.



When I do hypnotic healing work with someone for the first time it is typically a four session 'package'.  This format gives you the opportunity to become more familiar with the experience of hypnosis while bringing the healing benefits into your daily life.  Hypnosis is not a 'magic spell' to instantly fix you and your life, but an opportunity to become more aware of and centered in your 'finest' self.  Time is inherent in this gentle and respectful form of healing and transformation. 

Below is a description of how the sessions are set up.  


Getting to Know You

Duration: 60 minutes

During this session we focus in on what you are looking to gain through your hypnosis experience, what is motivating you at this time, and overall look at the struggles & what is working well in your life. Getting to know the the whole person, not just your 'problem', is a valuable step towards moving forward and creating a comfortable healing environment.

Even though I don't do 'official' hypnosis with you at this session most people leave feeling more empowered and ready to move forward.


​Hypnosis Begins 

Duration: 90 minutes

At this session  you are introduced to the hypnotic experience.  There is a relaxing, calm and supportive atmosphere  as I guide you through induction and deepening into the hypnotic  state.  A sense of an inner sanctuary is established and from there we explore getting in touch with the parts of yourself ready to be the 'finer you'. 

The session is interactive which means you are able to respond while in hypnosis and play an active part in the experience.  After this session, you will receive the appropriate self-hypnosis CD to listen to in between the sessions.  The self-hypnosis you practice independently reinforces what we have done in the office session and builds your skill and confidence in maintaining positive change.


Positive Reinforcing Pt 1.​

Duration:  90 minutes

*This session is typically a week after Session 2 but can be scheduled as per your needs.*

This sessions begins with a short update to see how you are doing with self-hypnosis and the effect of healing work from prior sessions.  Hypnotism at this session focuses on reinforcing what is going well through positive suggestion, affirmation and visualization. 

Continued struggles and/or resistance to your intended habit transformation and healing are explored.  Gentle healing processes are used to release or reframe blocked energies or beliefs.


Positive Reinforcing Pt 2.

Duration: 60 minutes

*This session is typically a week after Session 3 but can be scheduled as per your needs.*

During this session we continue to reinforce with hypnosis positive changes through suggestion, affirmation and visualization.  

​If necessary,  we go deeper with the hypnosis to move through areas of blockage or re-framing expectation.


New Client Hypnosis Package

4 personalized sessions ( a total of 5 hours session time)
2 Meditation/Self-Hypnosis Audio Recordings

Contact Susan to schedule your appointments and for more information


Returning Client Sessions

Many people find they reach their goal by the end of session four. Some people have goals that take longer to reach or find that the hypnosis is helping them but they are not quite where they want to be.

​Additional sessions are available for those wishing to continue their hypnosis experience.  Monthly, bimonthly, or as needed 'tune-up' sessions can be helpful for people in maintaining the changes they've made and/or deepening the healing work.

Contact Susan to discuss your personal needs




For new clients. Hypnotic healing work is enhanced with this four session 'package'. This format gives you the opportunity to experience hypnosis while bringing the healing benefits into your daily life. Hypnosis is not a 'magic spell' to instantly fix you and your life, but an opportunity to become more aware of and centered in your 'finest' self. Time supports this gentle and respectful form of healing and transformation. Sessions can be in-person or on ZOOM. 
Contact Susan for more information and to set up appointments.


Three one hour sessions. For returning clients to deepen and fine tune your prior hypnotic healing work. In person or on Zoom.

For more information about sessionsContact Susan
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A one hour follow-up session for returning clients. Reinforce the positive benefits of your Hypnotherapy experience. Contact Susan to schedule your session in my office, on Zoom or phone.




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