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I began Whole Person Healing in 1997 after a series of life changing experiences.  The pathway to healing can take many forms.  As I continue to grow and evolve as a healer, my original vision remains, helping others to experience deep, personal healing through becoming more connected and whole.

Healing work often involves exploring the roots of imbalances you are struggling with and helping you reunite more profoundly and securely with your center of calm and peace.  This, in turn, creates a safe pathway for releasing feelings, thoughts, and behaviors that have been limiting your free and healthy expression of yourself.  

A little about me and the modalities that I work with:

HYPNOTISM - I have been a practicing, Certified Consulting Hypnotist since 1999 and have worked successfully with hundreds of people.  Hypnotism is a technique that taps into and works through the processes of the subconscious mind.  It can be used to change habits such as: unhealthy eating, smoking, negativity, low energy, nail biting, insomnia, etc. It is helpful for reducing stress and anxiousness.  It can help bring relief for chronic pain and physical symptoms as well as enhance performance for test taking, public speaking, sports, and the creative arts. For more detailed information click  HYPNOTISM.  To set up an appointment Contact Susan.

REIKI HEALING - I have been a Reiki Healing practitioner since 1997 and a Reiki Master/Teacher since 1999.  I have  conducted Reiki Workshops and done attunements since 1999.  Reiki Healing is an ancient system for healing that was reintroduced to the world by Mikao Usui.  It is a form of energy healing that taps into the unlimited universal healing energy around and within us and channels this energy for the benefit of the person receiving the healing. On it's most basic level, Reiki Healing facilitates deep relaxation which supports and encourages the body's natural healing processes. I offer personal sessions, monthly Reiki Circles for practitioners and conduct workshops for learning Reiki.  For more information click REIKI HEALING. To set up an appointment Contact Susan.

- The session starts with Spiritual Healing which is similar to Reiki and other forms of energy healing. It brings you a peaceful and relaxing flow of healing energy that supports your releasing and letting go of dis-ease on the physical, mental and emotional levels. This is followed by the reading which is heart centered and spiritual in nature.  For more information Contact Susan

CONSULTING - I have been a student and practitioner of humanistic astrology since 1976.  I use the astrological symbolism in a chart for clarifying the metaphysical energies influencing a situation or behavioral tendency.  Awareness of these energies makes it possible to align oneself with the healthier and more constructive forms of manifestation.  This is a non-fatalistic approach that allows you choice, as well as the opportunity to broaden your perspective of life events in a more positive way. I  have helped many people gain a more comfortable feeling about who they are, as well as traverse difficult times with more confidence.  For more information about consultations and classes click ASTROLOGY. To set up a phone consultation click The STORE.

My services include: private in-office sessions, phone or Skype sessions, online consultations, workshops, classes, meditations and presentations.

Please feel free to Contact Susan if you have any questions, comments, or are interested in setting up an appointment. I look forward to hearing from you!

Wishing you Peace and much Light,

Rev. Susan Olin-Dabrowski

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Mesothelioma Community Resource Network

Whole Person Healing and the Mesothelioma Community Resource Network Join in supporting the use of Reiki as a complementary therapy used in conjunction with other conventional mesothelioma treatments.

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